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Tsinghua University survey said the elite graduates starting sal

Tsinghua University survey said the elite graduates starting salary of nearly 3 percent higher than non-elite,Chaussures pas cher
BEIJING, Beijing, May 11 (Reporter Ma Haiyan) Tsinghua University on the 11th to a survey released data show that elite graduates higher starting salary than non-elite graduates in employment, refrain. English ability, served as a community cadres, family environment and other factors may increase the level of wages of the graduates. Graduate School of Education, Tsinghua University and Chinas economic and social data center on the 11th issued jointly by the Chinese Students learning and development follow-up study data. The data show that the average initial earnings of college graduates in 2010 to 2153 yuan per month. "Project 211 graduates of prestigious universities,Louboutin pas cher, the average initial wage for 2427 yuan, the general college graduates starting salary is only 1903 yuan, the former above the latter about 28%. From the starting salary, the top student than most students,Louboutin pas cher, crowding out the top 20 percent of the graduates salary is lower than 80% of the rankings after students 10%. English four score is higher than 20% of students pay 80 percent of students 18%. The former University of samples above the average wage for graduates of the cities and towns account agriculture accounts about 8 percent of the students. Per capita household income of the top 20 percent of students above the average wage of about 25% of per capita household income, 80 percent of the students after graduation. Parents at least one administrative level of the students average wage is about 18% higher than the other students. Statistics also show that there is a clear difference between the remuneration packages of different industries. The highest pay levels in the transportation in major industries, followed by IT, culture, media and sports, electricity, finance, manufacturing. The statistical results show that the highest income is foreign-funded enterprises, the average wage of 2741 yuan. The state-owned enterprises,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, the average wage was 2238 yuan, the wages of the party and government organs and institutions is slightly lower for 2112 yuan. Nevertheless, the state-owned enterprises and government organizations and with good protection and benefits, more attractive to students, to become the ideal choice of work for nearly half of the students. In terms of geographical, 25 percent of the graduates in Beijing, Shanghai,Christian Louboutin Sale, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, job and get hired. These four regions of the average wage was 2529 yuan,Christian Louboutin Shoes, 27 percent higher than the other parts of China. From a professional science and engineering graduates of the highest wages, $ 2304; followed by the Economics and Management, a monthly salary of 2239 yuan; humanities, law, education graduates lower wages. 2305 colleges and universities in the country, the survey sample of 19 various colleges and universities located in 11 provinces, a total of 6059 graduates surveyed.
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Heilongjiang pacesetter title granted to female teachers Zhang L

Heilongjiang pacesetter title granted to female teachers Zhang Lili Womens Federation
Heilongjiang Province, Harbin,Louboutin pas cher, Xinhua,Chaussures pas cher, May 15 (Reporter Wang Kai), Womens Federation on the 14th to make a decision,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, granted the title of Jiamusi City nineteenth self-sacrifice hero teacher Zhang Lili "38" red-banner pacesetter pacesetter. Heilongjiang Province Womens Federation in recognition of decisions that,Christian Louboutin Shoes, in the evening of 8 May 2012, a bus suddenly out of control and rushed to the students the critical moment,Christian Louboutin uk, the Jiamusi City nineteenth secondary school teachers, Zhang Lili regardless of life and safety, to come forward, in order to rescue two students were involved in the car was the RCC, as well as high legs amputated. Zhang Lili teachers with practical action to show the heroism of an ordinary female teachers love boundless, she is proud of the women in the province, the provinces womens learning model. In recognition of the bravery of the Zhang Lili comrades, Heilongjiang Province Womens Federation has decided to grant Zhang Lili comrades Province, "38" red-banner pacesetter pacesetter honorary title. Heilongjiang Province Womens Federation called on the province the majority of women learning to learn from Zhang Lili comrades, her heroic self-sacrifice, and learn the spirit of fearless she was risking his own life, learning of her selfless dedication to the lofty realm, learning her love and dedication of outstanding quality,Louboutin pas cher, she learn to love others hate not his breadth of mind.
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The first civil service examination is to -introverted- and refu

The first civil service examination is to "introverted" and refused to record on the grounds
Yellow and red how did not think she is about to enter the national civil service, an "introverted" will she stand outside the gate. "For this reason it is ridiculous." Yellow red very puzzled. Yellow and red, 27-year-old, graduated from Renmin University of China insurance professional, currently in Beijing, a company engaged in financial work, she has been expected to become a civil servant. On October 16 last year, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Qinghai Authority (referred to as "Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission") is open to recruiting six civil servants. After more than four months of hard work, yellow and red by the national civil service examination, professional examination, interview and physical examination, interview results and the total score came in the Council "regulatory status" first. Joy ready for posts, received a phone of the Bureau Personnel, "I was told job match is not enough reason introverted hiring was canceled." Like her at the last minute, cancel the employment eligibility Two: Yue too fir and Guo Huadong. Yue too Shan told reporters that he was notified by telephone the grounds that "the job match is not enough, because the weak coordination ability". Guo Huadong said that the reason he was denied the post-matching is not enough, the reason is too young, working time is too short ". The three can not accept this reason, many times to the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission to ask for written documents, but refused to hire the grounds of the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission refused to produce. The reporter called the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Personnel, the person in charge of Wang Qiang said: This year, the council ultimately really only hired three people. Wang Qiang said the reason for the rejection of the yellow,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, red three candidates to disclose these things is not convenient. We have made a written report to the CIRC. An inspection tour of the principle of confidentiality,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, we can not be disclosed, which is also the country the provisions of the Civil Service Bureau. "Ling Yue too fir understand there is one thing, to be notified will not be admitted, Wang Qiang had recommended him to the Qinghai insurance companies to come forward by the Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Party committees in Qinghai. According to the memories of three of them, the entire recruitment process is very "strange", as early as in the medical aspects of, and would complicate the matter. Examination stage, the three "scraped" passing the November 12, 2011, the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission published a notice of recruitment of civil servants. The yellow and red and the others to provide reporters with the Insurance Regulatory Bureau of the recruitment of job requirements, which express: supervisory positions move, comprehensive job move two. Positions require a total of four, the first three mandatory targets for the professional attributes, education, English, and professional requirements; Article: good writing skills and good interpersonal communication skills, other limitation. The reporters found that the request did not "job matching" make a request, nor does it mention the personality, age, and coordination skills. This is also the three candidates were rejected most do not understand. Yellow and red and the others on November 16, 2011 Application reference. February 13, 2012, the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission announced the results, including 29 candidates, including the yellow and red, Guo Huadong and Yue too fir received the interview notice. February 18, 2012, three were left rushed to Xining from Beijing, Shandong and Jilin. The interview segments, three smooth clearance, yellow and red standings regulatory positions first, Yue too fir ranked third; Guo Huadongs performance ranked second in the consolidated positions. According to the memories of the yellow and red and the others, after the end of the interview, the staff of the Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Personnel has repeatedly stressed: Qinghai Province, low wages, bad weather and difficult working conditions, often have to travel to areas above 3000 meters above sea level, so that they consider carefully . Three were able to accept and be able to adapt fully psychologically prepared. Into the medical aspects of yellow and red, three people, including six candidates only. Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of the plan to recruit six people, they feel they have been "Victory is in sight". Unexpectedly, on March 1, 2012, they were notified by telephone initial inspection results: yellow red aminotransferase, Guo Huadong platelet abnormalities, high blood pressure, Yue too fir. Personnel department to inform them, if not recheck the recruiting program on this end. The trio can not be reconciled, they set off from Beijing, Shandong, Jilin, arrived at the Xining City. Reinspection, they are all smooth clearance. Later recalled, they think happened examination some "strange", "Why is the first time a problem with the re-examination can all passed?" Wang Qiang of the person in charge of Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Personnel believes that medical work without any problems. "These children at random to find reasons." Wang Qiang said, "The hospital of the medical examination is specified by the Civil Service Bureau,Chaussures pas cher, the first medical examination results came out, the four candidates did not meet a later re-examination, they do not have to cross the border. ? Qinghai plateau, many mainland people here will have a reaction. I was born in Xining, if to the place of the high elevation, will have altitude sickness. "examine links, telephone notification is not hired by physical examination, yellow and red three Go to the final inspection session. March 13, three received the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Investigation Notice, the above is expressly written: "After the written test, interview, physical examination, will now proceed to meet the political investigated links to a comprehensive understanding of the political thought of the comrades, moral character, capacity the quality of learning and work performance, discipline,Chaussure Louboutin, self-discipline situation. "Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission study group traveled to Beijing, Jilin and Shandong, Yue too fir and Guo Huadong thorough investigation. Everything appears to be very smooth, unexpectedly, on March 20, three have received telephone notification cancel hired. Yellow and red still can not accept the "introverted" reason. Reporters in the yellow and red work units found her leadership, the Ministry of Finance Manager Meng Aili. Mengjing Li had received the Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Qinghais Expedition, she said, "I think introvert Leave the child for this reason, is simply unrealistic." "Yellow and red have been interviewed, whether within should be able to see it even within, that does not not work. "Mengjing Li said," yellow and red, very good work here, I do not see what personality problems. "yellow and red to provide reporters with her company issued on 13 May in expert opinion, which reads: "The comrades gets along well with co-workers, exchange and harmonious, be good to each other in charity, focusing on teamwork ......" for yellow and red "to" refuse to hire, Qiang did not make a positive response to the "secrecy". He said: "When we recruit, requiring very clear: requires good interpersonal communication skills, did not seriously look at our conditions when they apply. We examine the situation, some candidates are introverted and do not adapt The job requirements. "yellow and red on several occasions questioned if personality problems, do the interview can not be found? , Wang Qiang said, the interview does not reflect the real situation of the candidates interviews can not fully reflect the personal ability. Experienced candidates to spend a months time, giving some to prepare, look at the crack of the Internet to meet the interview is relatively easy. "We investigated the time with their colleagues, the leadership of the conversation, we have the transcript, democratic evaluation form, is not personally think that what happen is other peoples appraisal of him is how." Wang Qiang said, "We have so far, all things did not violate the provisions of national civil service recruitment, we are willing to accept social supervision. equally unconvinced mountain cedar too, he believes he was told that the weak coordination ability of reason simply untenable, "After I graduated, has engaged in the work of the counselors, auditing, accounting, financial management, the main task is to accounting and auditing, complex work, contact the staff, fully explain my good coordination ability." Yue too fir said, "I did not go to Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission to conduct the work of the probation period, how say I coordinate weak?" Guo Huadong difficult to accept the grounds of "too young". "Why link in the inspection proposed? Apply for the first trial has passed through qualification, concluded that the positions do not match if ridiculous?" Guodong Hua recalls the interview score of 82.5 points, has shown that the corresponding capacity examiners are identified. Leaving Guo Huadong difficult to accept that, after he received a failure notice, immediately confirmed with the study group contact, that the Expedition comrades still Jinan meeting, and did not return to the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission, and the right not to accept the things and knowledge of and Guo Huadong identification has not been sent. This makes him suspect to exist in violation of the fairness of each others work. Reflect the problems of the above candidates, Wang Qiang, willing to answer. "The things that these three students, we do not do more to explain. We are the demand for jobs and the actual work situation, their objective judgment, our approach and the judge meet the recruiting requirements. I consider , we can stand supervision. "Insurance Regulatory Commission had candidates working Ling Yue too fir unacceptable, there is one thing. After he was notified by telephone to cancel the hiring before the application for inspection review, at 10 oclock on March 21st,Christian Louboutin Sale, Wang Qiang had the phone told him that the insurance company to come forward to recommend he go to Qinghai, Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Party committees. "Its bizarre." Yue too fir said, "We ran the civil service exam to go, how can introduce us to the insurance company?" Said Yue too fir, Qiang Zeng proposed the phone: the spirit attract and retain talent principles, can you recommend good insurance company to solicit your views to the Qinghai Province, do not know Are you willing? We would like to seek your advice, on behalf of the Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Qinghai, to communicate the relevant subsidiary or related insurance companies in the province, it is estimated that a large number of probabilities. Reporter to Wang Qiang, to verify the matter, he said: "Yue too fir repeatedly stressed might Qinghai to work here. We just said is willing to recommend. We also want to provide human services. Is concerned about him, people-oriented is also wrong had you? Yue too fir select review, the final result is still to maintain the original decision, Yue too fir Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission to provide a written denial of opinion, but the other refused. Yue too fir memories, Wang Qiang said in his call: in accordance with the procedures and requirements of the National Civil Service Agency, we have a reply and feedback on the results of the exam, but let us issue a certificate, which is a bit absurd. Wang Qiang also encourage Yue too fir do not give up: after the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission may want to set the positions of some accounting classes in the coming year will pay more attention to your case. Do not affected, do not give you very good results. This is a very valuable experience, do not give up. Huang Hong said she received a phone on the introduction to the insurance company in Qinghai, the other to encourage her to continue to apply for civil service, Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission will pay more attention to her situation. From March 31, three of them were submitted to the State Civil Service Bureau and other departments with a complaint letter, has not been any official formal response. The three candidates disheartened, they do not expect to go to Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission civil servants, just to get an official document issued by an official. Yellow and red and even doubt whether have the courage to once again apply for civil service, Civil Service examination is a very serious matter, my experience is simply a farce. Character inappropriate to cancel the employment eligibility, I can not find a basis. "" Employers looking for reasons not admitted to not? depends on them a word later in case some people say to me bad skin, she is not good, refused to let me be a civil servant, I can Is there any way? "Hung Huang said angrily. "I do not believe the exam, do not trust this,Chaussure Louboutin, I broke."
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Sichuan 1 year old baby was kidnapped and abandoned caves surviv

Sichuan 1 year old baby was kidnapped and abandoned caves survived 33 hours (Figure)
Health care workers to rescue the children Wang Wei masked men put a knife to sneak into the neighbor in the middle of the night and stole 450 yuan in cash, abducted a 1-year-old doll smashing faint thrown into the cave, his reason could be so absurd ... the early morning of April 28, ( Sichuan) Luzhou Longmatan District Hu town occurred with burglary, robbery and kidnapping. Fortunately,Louboutin pas cher, the kidnapped baby was abandoned cave, 33 hours dripping into a miraculous survivor. Cruel kidnappers abducted a 1-year-old baby to drop the faint thrown into the cave doll middle of the night at 0:30 on April 28 neighbors suspect was kidnapped 30 large in April 28 at 0:00 pm, Ma Lake District the HU town villagers Lee and 1-year-old the grandson of long sleep. Suddenly, Lee was a burst of abnormal noise awakened her to work out the bedside phone photos and found a masked man standing impressively bed. Have not had time to shout, masked men have picked up the blanket, her face muffled, and at the same time to work out the threat of a knife, Lee can not speak up. Eventually, the man stole 450 yuan in cash, pick up the Lee 1-year-old grandson, disappeared in the night. The day 1:15, Wang Yi, Hu town police station police on duty after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to lead the Police Association. Lee to provide police with an important clue: men, although Mongolian face, wearing gloves, but Lee still judge a man from his height,Chaussures Pas Cher, size, accent, his neighbor Liu. Worry about the other murdered throughout the course of a robbery, Lee pretended not to recognize suspects. April 28, 18 suspects arrested refused the whereabouts of the account of a child soon, the police knocked on the door of Lee Liu neighbor home. Faced with a surprise visit to the police, Liu seemed quite calm. It is this abnormal calm, deepening his suspicious. Subsequently, the police Liu brought to the police station for interrogation. Missing child is dead or alive, including criminal investigation group, the investigation team visited the site search group, the trial group, four groups, including the task force set up soon. In addition to the continue breakthrough merits, the task force, a task that is best to find the child. Which visited to investigate group continue Mopai the search group is to bring a police dog to start tracking your search. Local villagers mobilized to find her. The face of police interrogation, Liu preferred to remain silent. Until the evening, Liu was accountable,Chaussure Louboutin pas cher, the case is he has done. However, for the childs whereabouts, Liu only said one sentence to the next morning he would say. Since then, despite police questioning, Liu Du refuses to talk about. At 9:30 on April 29 33 hours dripping into the doll miraculously survived worried about the safety of children, police investigators on pins and needles. Early in the morning of April 29, Liu this opening, said the dolls that night with mud Bash the head, and then abandoned in a cave behind his house. Initially, the doll also issued crying outside the cave to keep for a while, did not leave until the baby is no sound. Liu think that baby already be dead. The police hear the heart of a bear. At 9:00 on the 29th, the police found the child in a cave. While we are ready to take pictures on the site, retention of evidence,Christian Louboutin uk, suddenly a police found the childs shoulders seemed to twitch. Followed by another police also shouted: "wanderers or alive!" Because the hole is too narrow, a diminutive of the police huddled barely squeezed into the hole in the body, the child in his arms, other police work together, is holding his feet he and his children dead lift from the hole out. In the case of the head of the hard-hit, 33 hours of dripping into the child is a miraculous survivor! Vice Mayor of Luzhou City, the public security bureau, Zhang Xianfu immediately directed at all costs to rescue the children! Subsequently, motorcades, and rushed to send their children to Lu Fuyuan Lu Fuyuan, the rapid establishment of an expert group. 11:00, the doll was sent to the hospital, was diagnosed as basal skull fracture, the day after the rescue out of danger, has been transferred to general wards. The injured whether the brain of the baby, the doctor said that is not a good judge. The absurd reason to revenge his ex-wife sensation about to make her regret the subsequent investigation of the Longmatan District Public Security Bureau, is a surprise. Liu has just divorced his ex-wife was his stepdaughter. His mother remarried and took her Liu when she was only five or six. Following the thirteen-year-old woman, Liu put to occupy. His mother unbearable, and Liu divorce. Since then Liu actually stepdaughter end up married and gave birth to a daughter. For a time,Christian Louboutin, his wife becomes the wifes mother, step-daughter became his wife, family relationships are very confusing. And following the female after marriage, Liu still his wife kicking. In desperation, Liu wife had to choose to divorce. When the police asked Liu Why did I do, Liu said, he just wants to do a sensational thing. Let his ex-wife thought of him youll regret it,Chaussure Louboutin! In the end, Liu neighbor Lee and her one-year-old grandson, became object Liu vent the innocent. Wang Wei, Zhang Aidong
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